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本文摘要:Google Maps users are redirected to the White House when they type in variations of the n-word.当谷歌地图使用者搜寻时敲入字母‘n’,下拉列表不会自动表明白宫。

Google Maps users are redirected to the White House when they type in variations of the n-word.当谷歌地图使用者搜寻时敲入字母‘n’,下拉列表不会自动表明白宫。Google is fixing an issue with its Google Maps search function, which currently leads people to The White House if they search for variations of the n-word with the word house.谷歌正在修缮一个搜索引擎的错误,当搜索者敲入字母‘n’和单词house后,下拉列表不会表明白宫。Multiple media outlets, including the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, reported the issue Tuesda y afternoon after a Twitter user first posted a screen shot of the problem.许多媒体,还包括华盛顿邮报和赫芬顿邮报,在一名推特使用者首次公布这个问题的快照后,都展开了报导。Some inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused, a Google spokeswoman said in an email statement.一名谷歌发言人在电子邮件陈述中说,一些谷歌地图里本不应经常出现的不合理结果被搜寻出来,我们对有可能早已构成的错误回应致歉,The reason for the problem is unclear, but one search expert thinks its likely due to how Google links certain phrases and terms to locations on the map.产生问题的原因还不确切,但是,一名搜索引擎专家指出,这很有可能是由于谷歌地图对某些相同的俗语和术语的链接定位导致的。

What we think is the cause, is that Google is seeing how people are talking about places on blogs, and Googles making those associations, Danny Sullivan, the notable founding editor of Search Engine Land, t old CNNMoney. Sullivan says this isn.t a problem where someone overtly made this search query redirect ti The White House.搜寻天地引擎的创始人丹尼路沙利文告诉他CNN财经频道,“我指出原因是,谷歌仔细观察人们在博客上辩论的地点,并让它们建立联系。”沙利文说道,有些人的搜素目标必要指向白宫,这远比什么事。People might be saying [these things] generally, and it doesnt even need to be a lot references, he a dded. Its kind of crowdsoucing terms gone bad.“人们有可能平时总是谈论这些事情,这些事甚至显然不必须过度联系,”他又说道,“这是众包在模式的一次恶果。

”This is the second major Google Maps issue in the past two months.这是过去两个月内谷歌地图的又一个大问题。In April, someone discovered an illustration of an Android robot peeing on an Apple logo in a rural area of Pakistan. Google suspended its public Map Maker tool and started to review every submission manually after the incident.在4月份,一些人找到,在地图上的一个巴基斯坦乡下地区,经常出现了一个安卓商标对着苹果商标沾满的景象。这件事后,谷歌延期了它的公共地图制作工具,并开始手动新的审查每一个递交上来的地图。


Google says it is working to fix The White House Google Maps issue quickly.谷歌说道,它迅速就可以修缮白宫谷歌地图的问题。录:众包在 众包指的是一个公司或机构把过去由员工继续执行的工作任务,以权利强迫的形式外包给非特定的(而且一般来说是大型的)大众网络的作法。